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  • The Real Estate Business

    We believe that continuous training, technology and the accumulation of knowledge coupled with our
    own unique system, professional approach, quality service and administration, all within the framework of international standards, should be utilized to create a total approach to the real estate business.

  • About us

    Our company was founded in 1993 with the right to trade in the real estate sector, and in 1998 we received our official company trademark certificate. From the year 2000 we began to give out franchises, and we expanded our areas of interest by making agreements with agencies in Europe and Russia. Our aim is to help our country's real estate sector to become more orderly and professional by assimilating worldwide standards, to make Turkiye Mulkleri a household name among professional people throughout Turkey without compromising our standards and quality of service, and to provide others with the opportunity to run their own business under the umbrella of Turkiye Mulkleri in one of the world's most profitable sectors.

  • Turkiye Mulkleri

    TM closely follows developments in the real estate market and the new technology associated with it. We help our franchises and their personnel by providing continuous training from the start and by updating them on improvements in in the technology we use. By drawing on our long years of experience in the field, sharing of portfolios, and the interconnection of all our franchises via our online system, our representatives at home and abroad can work in harmony to provide excellent customer services without sacrificing quality. TM's renovated website is the first sign of a great, new foundation. Our website will enable us to meet our customers' expectations by expanding to include technological innovations. By continuously broadening our rich portfolio's boundaries we can offer you a service of quality photographs and detailed information.

  • Our Web Site

    Our web site will help you, our customers, to save time by presenting you with a variety of choices so that you can pick out what you like according to your preferred areas and conditions.

    If your aim in visiting our web site is to buy or to rent, you have the opportunity on our site to see in detail the special features and a variety of photographs of every property. If you are looking for something in a different area, not covered by our web site, you just have to fill in a form to let us know your requirements. In the shortest time possible we will contact you specially with photographs and detailed information of places suiting your wishes. Should you wish to take a close look at a property you like, you only have to contact us by telephone or e-mail. Our customer relations department will give you an appointment with our nearest representative and you will be shown the places that interest you. Once you have bought a property, you can, if you wish, take advantage of a range of services we offer, such as looking after the place while you are away, taking care of electric, water and telephone bills, and, should you desire it, seasonal rental of the property at times when you are not resident.

    If your aim in visiting our site is to sell or rent out your property, you can, if you wish, contact us by telephone or e-mail, or you can fill in a property information form on our web site. Our customer representative will then get in touch with you to make a free, expert assessment of your property and, if you want, the marketing will be undertaken in TM's name. If you are thinking to rent out your property, we can rent it out on your behalf, provide annual maintenance, ensure the renters pay on time, and when it is vacated, in order not to lose time, we can rent it out again. In this way you can profit both materially and in terms of time.

    Should you want to sell or rent out your property and are thinking to market it yourself, you can make good use of our web site. To do this you just need to fill in the relevant form and customers will be able to contact you directly.

    If you wonder about the value of your property, you can take advantage of our expert services. For this you merely need to telephone or e-mail us.

    If you want to be kept informed of changes to our site, additional, new portfolios, or new regulations and information relating to the real estate sector, you can subscribe to our web site. If you want more detailed information about our services, click here.

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