Turkiye Mulkleri Emlak Musavirligi. Real Estate in Turkey


Our service charges

Buying and selling
Buying and selling: % 6 + V.A.T.

Rental of residential properties
From the owner of the property: -
From the renter/tenant: One month's rent + V.A.T.

Rental of commercial properties
From the owner: % 5 of annual gross rent + V.A.T.
From the renter/tenant: % 10 of annual gross rent + V.A.T.
Expert advice / consultation
For expert advice / consultation: %02 of the exspert's fee+ V.A.T.
Other services to be charged:

  • Car rental
  • Tours, sightseeing and guide services
  • Special translator
  • Fees relating to obtaining residence and working permits
  • Fees relating to formation of a company
  • To provide information on legal matters
  • Maintenance of your property, renting it out and taking care of electricity,
    water and other payments when you are away

Free services:

  • Providing you with suitable alternatives and guaranteeing to show them to you
  • To provide translation services at meetings for foreign customers
  • Hotel reservations
  • Preparation of rental agreements
  • Arranging credit and insurance for property you want to buy
  • Providing expert advice on property you want to sell or rent out
Address:  Konyaalti Cad. Yali Ap. No:66/3, Antalya / TURKEY
Tel: +90 (242) 248 03 11(pbx)
Fax: +90 (242) 244 72 93
E-mail:  tm@tm-tr.com